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I use the rack mounted fan panel that is pictured in the article. It is mounted at the bottom front of my 6' cabinet. I also have a thermostatically controlled fan at the top rear of the cabinet that turns on at 87 degrees and blow air out of the cabinet. The thermostat rarely kicks in so the fan panel must me pretty efficient at keeping. Xbox slim fan not blowing air out? - [Solved] - PC Gaming August. Age: 22. then I am the lady you were looking for In my experience, the choice of direction determines where the inevitable dust build-up will occur. I know it isn't exactly pretty, but I use landscape fabric doubled up as a filter on the intake side of one of my mechanics' computers in our shop. You never want to stick a fan right next to your consoles vents, you can put the fan a couple of ft behind the XBOX so continuous air is flowing. If your concerned about dust you'd want to put a vacuum over the vents so it sucks the dust out of the console, you never want to use air dust as that would. Aza. Age: 27. Hello gentlemen, I'm 18 years old Is vacuuming the vents on your console a good idea? Oct 5, - If you do that you'll suck out your PS4s discrete stacked GPU out the vents and it'll get the RLOD. Be careful about doing it on any vent with a fan on the other side. . When the fans are off they have a mechanism to keep them immovable, blowing air around and moving them can break that mechanism. a xbox slim. I'm trying to decide how to put some fans in the drawer I keep it in because it gets very hot in the drawer when I play the xbox gonna blow up. (suck air from the heatsink and push it out) Normally the side you see in that picture is the exhaust as it is for every fan in my case. Go Back To.

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Maddy. Age: 23. I am an elite companion that caters to the most distinguished gentlemen i have been a bit worried about my xbox RRoD'ing since im on my third one, so I've been putting a fan behind my so that it cools it off.i just don. ( posts) - 9 years, 6 months ago. I usually put it near it to suck the hot air the emits away not sure about having it blown at it though Avatar image for luffyuzumaki. Nov 7, - Probably the best design I've seen involves having two fans, one blowing in and the other out. The exhaust fan sits near the heat sink of the CPU to ensure good air flow there, w/o the dust problem, and the other fan pulls air into the case to keep the pressure in the case high enough to prevent sucking airĀ  Missing: xbox. May 20, - Hello, I've got a xbox slim, got it around last year, anyways, I know taking apart the xbox would void warenty, but, would taking the side plastic grills do any damage?The reason im asking, is bea Why does my PSU fan blow air out? - Components.


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