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It contains spanking, humiliation and fetish; if this bothers you please seek other authors. All characters are 25 year I was dressed in my pink drop seat footed jammies with the drop seat down exposing my bum. "No don't get up lay on your tummy its time to take your temperature," I heard him say. "But Sir I am not sick," I. Stories | Spanked In Toronto Samantha. Age: 19. We can do together a lot of fun things: have something in your mind, sports too He left me like that for a while. Oct 20, - No fair spanking for that!” “Honey, I'm not going to spank you,” he told me. “Then why you tryin' to take my pants off?” Daddy looked puzzled, “Ben, I told you. We need to get your temp. I'll be real quick.” Scurrying off the bed, I backed into the corner and crossed my arms, informing him, “Don't need to take. Veronica. Age: 27. hi guys if you want a great moments with a clean and beautfull girl and delicate i am just one phone call faare away Temp taken by dad/male in your life? Sep 19, - To James she explained, “That means we need to take your temperature in your bottom – doctor's orders. She parted his little cheeks, her mouth going dry as she did so, and with one finger of her gloved hand coated in vaseline she rubbed it into his little hole pushing it open a drop to ensure that the. "I was going to get him up to get ready for church but he told me he felt sick and the thermometer read the first time I took his temp. Then poor Billy managed to drop the thermometer after I put it back in his mouth for a second reading and it broke." "Let's just see what we have here, Amanda. He doesn't look that bad to.

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Sandy. Age: 28. Istanbul VIP Escort Service My temperature was taken by either my mom or dad, but, especially as a teenager, I preferred my dad to take it for obvious reasons. He would come into my room with the vaseline already on the thermometer, which left no doubt how it was to be done. He would sit on my bed and I would lie down over his. The story you are about to read is fiction. Any resemblance to real persons or events is entirely in the perverted mind of the reader. Melanie led her party of five nude and furiously blushing girls through the corridors without serious incident. Most of the people they encountered were girls their own age in "Lassie" uniforms. May 17, - The next day, Mrs. Pickens took Randy to his bedroom immediately after lunch, undressed him, and gave him another spanking for stealing and lying Nurse Johnson needs to weigh you and take your temperature." Sitting herself on a chair, she reached to a nearby table and opened a jar of Vaseline.


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